Sloane Gerritzen

My name is Sloane. 

I write stories that inspire our souls and change the world.


Hi! That woman casually poised in a picturesque armchair above is me, Sloane Gerritzen the word nerd.

My writing & editing focuses on unveiling the human behind the screen, so here are 5 things that give you a baseline of who I am and why I write:


My parents got my name from the character Sloane Peterson in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Although it promotes some frowned-upon antics (isn't Ferris Bueller such a BA, though?), It’s a pretty great movie. Most importantly, Sloane rocks a tasseled white jacket like a boss.

My name was the bane of my existence until my mid-twenties (try introducing yourself in a noisy room, over the phone, or to the barista with the Sharpie), but now I’m proud to have a name that’s memorable and starts conversations that always lead to connection.


I am fascinated (read: obsessed) with the human psyche.
I love witnessing how the concept of nature vs. nurture plays out intimately and globally. My passion refined into the study of communication within families, social groups and cultures – especially when these cohorts converge and are forced to adapt.

What makes us emphatically believe one idea and scorn another? What makes us pause and listen? What makes us heard? What makes us care? Communication can be easy or hard; It's up to us to decide which end of the spectrum we choose to live on.

I write to help people move to the easier side of that scale. Where there’s clear and compassionate communication, there are powerful teams who make our world a better place.


I teach yoga and meditation.
Yoga and meditation teach us how to be the witness of our lives, and of the constant stories that stream through our minds and shape our experiences — for better or worse. As the witness of my own stories, and those of my students, I learned just how vital healthy and helpful inner and outer storytelling is to our wellbeing.

I teach yoga and meditation to help people rewrite the stories that make life harder for stories that move us forward with love.

Next to writing, guiding people to heal themselves with breath and committed empathy is everything.


I don’t just dream in "somedays." 
I set goals, inevitably fixate, and make them happen. Want an example? I would, too. I had a lifelong fantasy of living in a hut in Africa and teaching the children. So, In 2013 I sold everything for a one-way ticket to Uganda in pursuit of working with children in some of the harshest places they can be found.

I continue to gather experiences in my devotion to child advocacy, animal protection, and improved education systems.

We need to know what’s happening to be motivated to do something about it. I write to spread knowledge and light a spark for change.


I’ve lived in over 30 homes in less than 30 years, fitting 5 high schools into 4 years of study.
No, my parents weren’t in the military; life made us nomads. I’m forever thankful for a lifestyle that’s given me priceless perspective in diversity, empathy, communication, and many more tools that I use to help others bravely and beautifully shine as their true selves every day. 

I write to remind people 2 things:

  1. You’re never alone

  2. Your ultimate gift to and purpose in the world is to be nobody other than your true self. Tell that story, not someone else’s.




Elementary Education
Language, Literacy & Cultural Studies
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA

200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher
Cloud Nine Yoga
Laguna Beach, CA


Freelance Writer & Editor
2018 - Present

Island Yoga Aruba & Rachel Brathen Yoga Lifestyle

109 World


  • Polished communication – listening, verbal & written

  • Unrivaled attention to detail

  • Creative & efficient problem solving

  • Inspiring leadership & management

  • Customer-centric comprehension

  • Resourceful & reliable autonomy

My love of words and communication has fine tuned the passionate, results-driven skills your brand needs to grow and sustain. My only setting is to excel in organization, creation and delivery; to take an idea and authentically connect it with your audience for engagement and loyalty. The result is a brand that is known for extraordinary services and an exemplary reputation above and beyond the standards I found when I began.

Buzzwords aside, I only work for messages and offerings that I believe help move our world forward and solve its unnecessary problems. Those whom I do work with, then, receive my deepest care and dedication.