Sloane Gerritzen


Here are a few recaps of what it was like to work with me.

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Letters of recommendation available upon request

Amanda Kelly
GM & HR -; Island Yoga Aruba

Sloane is not only a person of integrity, she is also a skilled communicator, with incredible attention to detail and a strong work ethic.

During her tenure with us, I could always depend on Sloane to deliver. She is energetic, accurate, fair minded, and dependable. She is a quick learner and has shown the ability to digest large volumes of information. Her content and organizational skills are well above par, and she consistently delivers on projects with a great attitude.

Angela Ryden
COO - Island Yoga Aruba,, Yoga Girl Group

One of the most challenging things in business is finding the right people who can adapt quickly to sensitive situations and maintain a high-level of professionalism and trust. In our business, the office of a CEO and COO is highly rewarding, complex, fast tempo, results-driven and designed to bring forth compelling projects, people, and culture that can change the world.

During some of our most intense work periods, Sloane put her natural gift, effort, and passion into the mix, reassuring us that projects were ready for success and treated with compassion and care.  If you are seeking a credible copywriter and passionate team leader that can quickly adapt to delicate situations, then I happily recommend Sloane. In many cases, she is a one-stop solution who can add immediate value to a time-sensitive project.

Anna Pernevall
Founder - Yummy Greens

Sloane helped define our whole communication profile for our Norwegian target market, as well as create important marketing and sales collateral, social media posts, web copy, newsletters and more. She quickly understood what and how I wanted to say the things in my head; not only that, she also contributed with valuable information on the topics of veganism, health and nutrition. 

She is always on top of things and I always knew what she was working on. Everything was very clear and smooth with emails, invoices, timelines, etc. 

She's efficient and quickly changed according to any of my feedback.

I could completely let go of my newsletter, web copy and social media posts and trusted it was communicated to our customers in the right way and moment. 

Not only did she deliver great content, but she supported me and the rest of the team in a hectic start-up period. That extra happiness and excitement was extremely valuable. A true team player!  

Sloane is responsible and fun to work with. I would love to work together again and recommend everyone out there who needs to communicate something to contact her today! 

Trina Berrios
Founder - Linen + Fig

Working with Sloane was the best business decision I've made! Creating a good website is difficult and it’s nearly impossible to create a great one.  It has to be relevant and visually beautiful, include the best SEO, interact well with other websites and social media, and run smoothly on all devices! Sloane accomplished all of this as if she could do it in her sleep (although I know she worked very hard making sure that it was everything I wanted).

Sloane is always up to date with the latest technology and website trends. She was always prompt in responding to every question I had, making the tiniest adjustments I wanted to try, patient when I kept changing my mind, and incredibly helpful with her knowledge of marketing, sourcing website plug-ins and fonts, and her keen eye for design aesthetics. 

I get compliments on my website ALL the time!  She knows all the right questions to ask so that your website truly reflects the image you want and attracts the audience you are aiming for. I couldn’t be more confident in recommending Sloane to everyone in need of a good website, whether it be creating a new one or refurbishing and updating their current one. 

New Website Project -
Happy Client

We are so pleased to worked with Sloane. Her extraordinary skills and her willingness to listen to us with an open mind made this project so successful. We highly recommended Sloane. We are planning to use her for further projects!

Her commitment to the project and her diligent communication with us made it feel like she is part of our team and 100% believing in our mission! Will definitely work with her again!

Brittany Waterhouse -
Yoga Teacher & Energy Worker

I never could have imagined a more beautiful website and could not have done it without Sloane. 

Thank you so much, Sloane, for making my dreams become realizations and for being so pleasant to work with.

Sloane had an idea of what I wanted before I could even figure it out and express it to her. She just started rolling with what she had right away and it blossomed into this amazing site. I cannot send enough gratitude to you, my moon-child sister.

Ghostwriting Content -
Happy Client

Sloane is a great writer! Excellent job! Everything was perfect. Highly recommended and will hire again!

Landing Page - 
Happy Client

I love your texts, Sloane! You understand exactly what we need. Always. Thank you!

Social Media Copy -
Happy Client

Sloane is a great copywriter and social media expert! Excellent job! Everything was perfect. Highly recommend and will hire again!