Testimonial 9

Working with Sloane was the best business decision I've made!

Sloane is always up to date with the latest technology and website trends. She was always prompt in responding to every question I had, making the tiniest adjustments I wanted to try, patient when I kept changing my mind, and incredibly helpful with her knowledge of marketing and her keen eye for design aesthetics. 

I get compliments on my website ALL the time!  She knows all the right questions to ask so that your website truly reflects the image you want and attracts the audience you are aiming for.

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Testimonial 8

“Not only did she deliver great content, but she supported me and the rest of the team in a hectic start-up period. That extra happiness and excitement was extremely valuable. A true team player!  

Sloane is responsible and fun to work with. I would love to work together again and recommend everyone out there who needs to communicate something to contact her today!”

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Testimonial 7

“Sloane helped define our whole communication profile for our Norwegian target market, as well as create important marketing and sales collateral, social media posts, web copy, newsletters and more. She quickly understood what and how I wanted to say the things in my head; not only that, she also contributed with valuable information on the topics of veganism, health and nutrition.”

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Testimonial 5

“We are so pleased to worked with Sloane. Her extraordinary skills and her willingness to listen to us with an open mind made this project so successful...Her commitment to the project and her diligent communication with us made it feel like she is part of our team and 100% believing in our mission! Will definitely work with her again!”

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